In 1957, times were tough for a fourth generation baker in Cork County, Ireland. Young John Shanahan, had a child at home to support, so with just the clothes on his back and a talent for his trade, he crossed the Atlantic, leaving his young wife and one year old son Colm in Ireland until he could afford to bring them to America.

He found his first job working in a little French settlement known as Milltown, New Jersey. John Shanahan and the old European baker who owned the bakery worked together for years, becoming like father and son. And like most great American stories, after much hard work and a little luck, John was able to buy the bakery from the old man when he retired. Read More

What's Scratch Bread Baking?

Most modern baked goods sold today are made by simply adding water to a pre-packaged mix filled with chemicals, additives and preservatives. Scratch Baking, in the old world tradition, is when the baker creates that wonderfully rich taste and texture in his breads allowing the dough to rise several times and crafting it by hand. This takes time and trouble and is very rarely done in the baking business today.

All Shanahan's bread are crafted in this special old world way, with only natural ingredients and without preservatives, chemicals or extenders, giving them their flavorful distinction.View Video

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